Ch 9: Distribution of Profits

1. Declaration of Dividend

1-1 Certain restrictions on declaration of dividend [I]

1-2 Q&A Restriction on Dividend (ICAP Spring 2018) [O]

1-3 Q&A Analysis of Statement (PQ) [R]

1-4 Q&A Restriction on Dividend (ICAP Autumn 2021) [O]

2. Payment of Dividend

2-1 Dividend to be paid only out of profits [I]

2-2 Power to close register [I]

2-3 Manner and Time Limit for Payment of Dividend [I]

2-4 Directors not to withhold declared dividend [I]

2-5 Q&A Ashanti Limited (ICAP Autumn 2018) [I]

2-6 Q&A Giant Industries Limited (ICAP Spring 2020) [O]

2-7 Q&A Exceptions to payment of dividend [O]

2-8 Q&A Clove Engineering Limited (ICAP Autumn 2015) [I]

2-9 Q&A Dinar Limited (PQ) [I]

2-10 Q&A Closure of register & notice (ICAP Autumn 2022) [I]

2-11 Q&A Dividend Regulations (ICAP Autumn 2022) [O]

2-12 Q&A No penalty for delay in payment of dividend (ICAP Spring 2023) [O]

2-13 Q&A Uranium Limited (ICAP Autumn 2023) [O]

3. Objective Based Q&A

3-2 MCQs Past Exams upto Spring 2022 [R]