Ch 6Prospectus and Commencement of Business

1. Prospectus

1-1 Prospectus: Introduction and Definition [I]

1-2 Prospectus (Filing with registrar before issue) [I]

1-3 Contents of Prospectus (with Specimen) [O]

1-5 Approval, issue, circulation and publication of Prospectus [I]

1-6 Expert's opinion in Prospectus  [R]

1-7 Criminal Liability / Compensation for defective Prospectus [R]

1-8 Q&A Exceptions to Approval of Prospectus (ICAP Spring 2020) [O]

1-9 Q&A Tanveer Limited (ICAP Spring 2016) [O]

1-10 Q&A Deo Limited (PQ) [R]

1-11 Q&A Badar Limited (ICAP Spring 2018) [I]

1-12 Q&A Victory Limited (ICAP Spring 2020) [R]

1-13 Q&A Solar Limited (ICAP Autumn 2018) [I]

1-14 Q&A Sepham Limited (ICAP Spring 2019) [O]

1-15 Q&A Jhelum Limited (ICAP Autumn 2020) [O]

1-16 Q&A Exceptions to Approval of Prospectus (ICAP Autumn 2021) [O]

1-17 Q&A Prospectus: Criminal liability & Compensation (ICAP Spring 2023) [O]

2. Commencement of Business

2-1 Commencement of business by a public company [I]

2-2 Q&A Commencement of business (ICAP Autumn 2019) [O]

3. Objective Based Q&A

3-3 MCQs Past Exams up to Spring 2022 [I]