Ch 12: Introduction to Winding up

1. Winding up

1-1 Winding up: Introduction & Modes [R]

1-2 Circumstances in which a company may be wound up by Court [I]

1-3 Company when deemed unable to pay its debts [I]

1-4 Applications for winding up [R]

1-5 Commencement of winding up by Court [I]

1-6 Circumstances of voluntary winding up [I]

1-7 Winding up subject to supervision of the Court [R]

1-8 Petition to convert other modes to winding up by Court [R]

1-10 Q&A Petition for winding up [O]

1-12 Q&A Situaitons of voluntary winding up [O]

1-13 Q&A Pear Limited (ICAP Spring 2022) [R]

1-14 Q&A Winding up by Court (ICAP Autumn 2022) [O]

1-15 Q&A Nance Limited (ICAP Autumn 2022) [I]

1-16 Q&A Kino Limited (ICAP Autumn 2022) [I]

1-17 Q&A Company unable to pay its debts (ICAP Spring 2023) [O]

1-18 Q&A Unlawful activities: Winding up (ICAP Spring 2023) [O]

1-19 Q&A Winding up of public company (Model Paper) [O]

1-20 Q&A Conditions for filing petition (Model Paper) [O]

2. Liquidator

2-1 Appointment of Official Liquidator [R]

2-2 Statement of affairs to be made to Official Liquidator [I]

2-3 Report by Official Liquidator [I]

2-4 Q&A Multi Sources Limited [I]

2-5 Q&A Responsibilities of Official Liquidator (ICAP Spring 2022) [R]

2-6 Q&A Calcium Limited (ICAP Autumn 2023) [O]

2-7 Q&A  Mercury Limited (ICAP Autumn 2023) [R]

3. Objective Based Q&A

3-2 MCQs Past Exams up to Spring 2022 [I]