Ch 11: Regulatory Framework of Accounting 

1. Lectures with Illustrative disclosures

1-2 Classification of companies [O]

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Notes PDF - FL157

Query: Sir kindly ye clear Kar dein keh [MSC/SSC] mein jo conditions hain ye sari meet ho too classify karein ga na ke (LSC) ki Tarah koi ak condition bi meet hoo Jae too usse classify Kar dein?


for PIC: any of the two criteria.

for LSC: any of the three criteria.

for MSC: All three (for public and private separately)

for SSC: All three

1-3 4th and 5th Schedule: General Requirements [I]

1-4 4th and 5th Schedule: Statement of financial position [I]

1-5 4th and 5th Schedule: Statement of profit or loss [I]

2. Comprehensive Examples

2-1 Q&A Banana Limited (ICAP Autumn 2018) [R]

2-2 Q&A Safeguard Limited (ICAP Spring 2021) [I]

2-3 Q&A Arrow Limited (ICAP Autumn 2022) [R]

2-4 Q&A Calm Limited (ICAP Spring 2022) [R]

2-5 Q&A Radium Limited (ICAP Spring 2023) [R]

2-6 Q&A Satpara Limited (ICAP Autumn 2023) [R]

3. Objective Based Q&A