Ch 2: Offer, Acceptance and Revocation

1. Introduction to Contract

1-1 Preliminary (Introduction & Interpretation clause) [R]

1-2 Promises, express and implied [R]

2. Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of Proposals

2-1 Manner of Communication: Proposal, Acceptance and Revocation [R]

2-2 Communication when Complete [I]

YouTube Video (9 minutes)

Notes PDF - BL025

Query: Sir when promisor received the letter of acceptance on 24th october and the offeree recieved the letter of revocation on  20th october,then how it cannot be revoked since there is a difference in the knowledge of the parties therein and the communication of the revocation  has been completed before that of acceptance in the given example.Could you elucidate this,please?

Response: Probably you missed the main point of this video i.e. is acceptance is complete when letter is posted (not when it comes to knowledge of other party). That is how law is, and, legislators made this rule because in their opinion once the letter is posted, the acceptor does not have any control over it.

2-3 Revocation of proposals and acceptances [I]

2-4 Revocation how made (Manner of revocation of proposal) [R]

2-5 Acceptance: Condition and Rules [I]

2-6 Q&A Murad and Sanum (ICAP Autumn 2015) [X]

2-7 Q&A Batool and Saqib (ICAP Spring 2020) [I]

2-8 Q&A Mashoor Associates (ICAP Spring 2016) [R]

2-9 Q&A Saleem and Ghazi (ICAP Autumn 2018) [I]

2-10 Q&A Ahmad and Adil (ICAP Spring 2019) [I]

2-11 Q&A Essentials of Valid Acceptance (ICAP Autumn 2020) [O]

2-12 Q&A Mehmood and Sulman (ICAP Autumn 2020) [R]

2-13 Q&A Revocation of Proposal (ICAP Autumn 2022) [O]

2-14 Q&A Lime Cement (b) (ICAP Autumn 2023) [O]

3. Objective Based Q&A

3-1 MCQs [1 to 15] Offer, acceptance and revocation [O]

3-2 MCQs Past Exams up to Spring 2022 [R]