Ch 8: Certain relations resembling those created by contracts

1. Quasi Contracts

1-1 Quasi Contracts (Introduction) [O]

1-2 Supply of necessaries to person incapable of contracting [R]

1-3 Reimbursement of payment by interested person [R]

1-5 Q&A Mohsin and Qasim Soomro (ICAP Spring 2020) [I]

1-6 Obligation of person enjoying benefit of non-gratuitous act [R]

1-7 Q&A Baqir, Rohi and Sami (ICAP Spring 2015) [I]

1-8 Responsibility of finder of goods [R]

1-9 Payment or delivery by mistake or under coercion [R]

1-10 Q&A Types of Quasi Contracts (ICAP Spring 2018) [O]

1-11 Q&A Constructive Contracts (ICAP Spring 2022) [O]

2. Objective Based Q&A

2-2 MCQs Past Exams up to Spring 2022 [R]