Ch 7: Performance of Contracts-II

1. By whom contracts must be performed

1-1 Persons by whom promise is to be performed [I]

1-2 Rules regarding performance of joint promises  [I]

1-3 Q&A Hatim and Tahir  [O]

1-5 Q&A Faheem, Saleem and Jameel (ICAP Spring 2017)  [R]

1-6 Q&A Farhan, Salman and Noman (ICAP Spring 2022)  [I]

1-7 Q&A Munaf and Muslim (ICAP Autumn 2020)  [R]

1-8 Q&A Saiqa & Alia (ICAP Spring 2023)  [R]

2. Time and place of performance

2-1 Time and place of performance  [I]

2-2 Q&A Time and Place (ICAP Autumn 2022) [O]

2-3 Effect of failure to perform at fixed time  [I]

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Notes PDF - BL124

Query: here in effect of acceptance of delayed performance: there is exception unless "he gives notice of his intention", please guide that the notice should be of letter only or it can be express or implied ?.

Response: As words "notice in writing" has not been used here. Therefore, such notice may be express and implied in effective manner.

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2-5 Q&A Kazim and Zainab (ICAP Autumn 2022)  [I]

2-6 Q&A Potassium Farms (ICAP Spring 2022)  [I]

3. Performance of reciprocal promises

3-1 Performance of reciprocal promises  [I]

3-2 Q&A Maimar and Nasir  [O]

3-3 Q&A Reciprocal promises (ICAP Autumn 2021)  [O]

3-4 Q&A BT and Francium & Co (ICAP Spring 2022)  [R]

3-5 Q&A  Reciprocal promises (ICAP Spring 2023)  [X]

4. Objective Based Q&A

4-2 MCQs from Past Exams upto Spring 2022  [R]