4. IAS 40 Investment Property

1. Definitions & Classifications

1-1 Definitions & Classification [I]

2. Recognition & measurement

2-1 Recognition & Measurement [I]

3. Transfers

3-1 Transfers with examples [I]

4. Disclosure

5. Comprehensive Examples

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Notes PDF - FR182

Query: Sir ye PPE ke disclosure main revaluation cancel q likha hai ap ne yeh format main add krny ki kia zaroorat thi?

Response: We record revaluation in two steps:

1. eliminate (cancel or adjust) accumulated depreciation.

2. Record revaluation gain or loss

You may also write "Revaluation (adjustment)" and you may also record the net amount of adjustment and gain/loss.

Query: Sir Notes Main Warehouse kee Cost 200 q mentioned hai ? jbky Starting period 30-june 2021 main 162 cost hai

Same Like Manufacturing Plant ke Cost 30- june 2021 ko 304 hai and Notes main bhi 304 hei mentioned hai

Response: 1. Warehouse ki cost Rs. 200 million hi hai.

2. Rs. 163 million is not cost (it is net book value or carrying amount).

3. Manufacturing plant is at Rs. 304 million, because its model is revaluation model in which accumulated depreciation is eliminated and asset is then presented at net amount after revaluation.

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6. Objective Based Q&A