2. IAS 23 Borrowing Costs

1. Definitions and Recognition

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Query: Sir while applying capitalization rate to amounts of payments why have we applied the rate to all months like 1st payment is made on 1 jan and other is on first may so we should take 4 months and same for other payments

Response: Both methods are same. Just difference of style.

30,000 x 9.89% x 4/12 = 989

50,000 x 9.89% x 5/12 = 2,060

65,000 x 9.89% x 3/12 = 1,607

TOTAL 4,656

2. Capitalisation Period & Disclosure

2-1 Capitalisation Period and disclosure [I]

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Query: A.o.A Sir! Cord Limited ke question me Loan borrowed Kiya ja Raha hai Feb 22,2011 me.Lekin First expenditure hua hai..., loan me se qualifying asset ke lie March 04,2011 me To Sir borrowing cost capitalized ki commencement  March 4, 2011 se Shuru nahi ho gi?

Response: WA, For commencement of capitalisation, one of the conditions is that expenditure is incurred which was incurred on 1 January 03, 2011 (from own funds, expenditure from loan funds is not necessary). 

3. Comprehensive Examples

3-1 Q&A Googly Industries Limited [O]

3-2 Q&A Steady Industries Limited [I]

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Query: sir is question main humny permit ki fee ko capitalized q nhi kya?

Response: Permit fee shall be capitalised directly in cost of building but it is not borrowing cost. The requirement of this question is "calculate the amount of borrowing costs to be capitalised".

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Query: sir  land ko 2019 me amortize q ni kia

Response: Land is not depreciable asset. The related building became available for use in 2020 and that is when depreciation of factory building will commence as well as amortisation of related grant.

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4. Objective Based Q&A